Our philosophy

Family wines

Bodega Las Calzadas is a family-owned winery located in Pozoamargo (Cuenca) that endeavors to revive endangered ancient wine making traditions, recovering old clay amphorae from the late nineteenth, early twentieth century under the brand name Tinácula, which means small amphora in Latin.

Our organic vineyards, in the family for more than 80 years, the team made of Jose Julian Sevilla, grape grower and wine maker, Josefina Medina, and Daniel Sevilla, graduated with a M.D in oenology from the University of La Rioja, and with experience in prestigious wineries in Spain (La Rioja), Australia and New Zealand, who, at the young age of 23, decided to return to his home village Pozoamargo, and in spite of great  difficulties, initiated the recovery of old vineyards and the reviving of old and forgotten wine making traditions.


Our wines, just like those in the Roman Empire, are made in old clay amphorae or smaller clay jars…

The winery

Our winery is located in a small village of about 300 inhabitants, hardly hit by rural exodus and that fights to maintain the glorious wine making past traditions that still hold today.

Wine tours and restaurant

A table, a good wine, typical food and good company.

Come and live a unique experience at Bodega Las Calzadas!