The aroma, the taste, this bottle of wine always on the table when sharing typical meals from our region, a kind of wine made with care and dedication, patience, that is always present in celebrations, family reunions, or when sharing special moments.

In Bodega Las Calzadas we have managed to recover with great effort ancient amphorae of different capacities from La Mancha, very difficult to find nowadays. Some of them are more than 100 years old, and after 70 years lost in old wineries, they have been revived to give this very special tuning to our Tinácula wines.


The winery is always opened to the public. In addition to wine, there is a small gourmet shop with a great selection of the best Manchego products like cheese, honey, olive oil, canned food, etc.

We have always known that Tinácula is our sign of identity as we control the full process with care and pace. The wine making starts with the careful and organic cultivation of the vineyard, the field work, the harvest, the production and the fine tuning in the winery, with very high hygiene standards, and finally its commercialization or service in the restaurant. Every part of the process happens at home, which is where one can make the best products.

If you think about it, there is probably no other wine where the same family prunes the grape vines, harvests it, makes the wine, fine-tunes it and serves it in a glass.

Basically, we seek excellency in our 50 years old vineyards together with the recovery of the family tradition of making wine in clay amphorae with a touch of experience given by the years of university training and the know how in the winery, achieving this way unique and different wines.