The most valued secret

The vineyards are located in Pozoamargo (Cuenca), within the Ribera del Júcar denomination, in the east of Spain, half way between Madrid and Levante, at an altitude of 800 meters. The vineyards are divided in small forgotten plots, surrounded by pines, olive trees, almond trees and hills.

The land

Sedimentary soils with pebbles, small rocks on the surface and sandy and loamy soils in some plots.


Extreme continental weather with major thermic variations between day and night and a 450mm average rainfall yearly.

Grape varieties

Principally Bobal, Cencibel, Pardilla and some minority varieties such as Rojal, Cojon de Gallo, Pintaíllo, Rompetinajas, Moscatel, among others.

Sunshine hours

High number of sunshine hours per year with no extreme heat episodes (no more than a couple days above 35º C. ) due to the altitude. Winkler III index.


Small plots of less than 1 hectare planted and trained into rounded, tree like shapes. Our vineyards were planted in the 50s, 60s and 70s and a few in the 80s.


Built in 2017.

Recovers thirty 100 years old clay amphorae.


All our grape comes from exceptional recovered vineyards, many of them abandoned in a unique territory in Spain, and that offer again their excellent quality. See below some of the most singular ones: